Podcasting with Purpose for Life Coaches

215 Lessons from Life Coaches Who Podcast with Purpose Part 1

January 19, 2023 Kara Gott Warner
Podcasting with Purpose for Life Coaches
215 Lessons from Life Coaches Who Podcast with Purpose Part 1
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This is a fun and different episode today. It was inspired by a post that I created in The Coaching Posse, a special community for Life Coach School certified coaches. 

This episode will give you a little peek into the minds of coaches who are absolutely crushing it with podcasting, and they are doing it with passion and purpose. They define the meaning of podcaster with a capital P. 

Tune in to listen to the question I posted in The Posse, and I invite you to answer the questions as well, and by the way, I have a downloadable pdf that accompanies this episode which you can get here:


This is part transcript and part study guide to take these questions deeper. 

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You're listening to episode 215, Lessons from Life Coaches Who Podcast with Purpose. Alright. Let's dive into today's episode.

You're listening to Podcasting with Purpose for Life Coaches. My name is Kara Gott Warner, the podcasting coach for coaches.

I believe that a podcast is a powerful medium for creating connection and community, and inside every conversation is the potential for transformation. So, let's get started on yours. Enjoy the episode.

Okay. So today I'm going to do a something a little bit different than I usually do. It's really going to be something that I've been really wanting to do for quite some time now. So, I like to call this a very collaborative, community-based episode where I connect the dots. This is what makes it fun and creative for me as a podcaster.

To me, this is sort of like the essence of what it means to be a podcaster with purpose. So, this episode is based on a post that I made in The Coaching Posse, which is a Facebook Group that is so special and I'm going to explain why. 

So, it is dedicated exclusively to coaches who are certified by the Life Coach School, and this group was founded by Jillene Emerich, who is in her own right is a brilliant connector of amazing coaches, and she's a marketing aficionado. I don't know what else to say, but she's amazing when it comes to understanding marketing, how to connect people. 

And you know, this is a group that is just such an amazing resource for life coaches because you can ask questions and get answers on coaching fundamentals. You can pair up with other coaches to practice your life coaching skills. You can even ask technical questions about websites, SEO, email marketing, you name it, you're going to get answers, and of course, podcasting. 

So, I mean, you literally could type in the word podcasting, and you will get a resource of information. It is amazing. So, if you're a life coach and you're certified through the Life Coach School, you know you got to get yourself in this group. 

It is a community. Community in the truest sense. So, I don't know about you, but I do belong to a bunch of Facebook Groups, and you know, honestly, I don't frequent many of them, but The Coaching Posse is one that I visit just about every day, and sometimes I'm just lurking, sometimes I'm not getting active in the comments, but I'm always really interested in seeing what's going on and seeing what, you know, what's the meaningful conversations that are happening.

And so, this really is such a useful non-fluff resource, a Facebook Group that is such a beautiful gem out of all the groups, right? Because there's a lot of groups that are not useful. This one is amazing. So, for example, each year right around this time. So, it is January 2023 as I record this.

So, during this time, of the year certified Life Coach School coaches are required to take an active certified exam. And so, Jillene and other coaches so graciously step up and serve in such a beautiful way. And you know, they provide resources to help coaches to successfully complete the exam.

It's amazing. And so, I'm getting ready to take the exam myself, and the story I tell myself is, “oh my gosh. It's too overwhelming.” It’s always a surprise each year when it comes up. It's hilarious. But this group just distills it all down. It's a beautiful thing. They make it easy.

The other thing, there's so many beautiful things about the Group, not just about a place to get, you know, answers in there, you know, resources, but there are also calls. I should say, you know, just like Zoom video calls with powerhouse coaches that go really deep on specific coaching topics.

So, I hope I don't get this wrong, but Jillene calls it something like Super Coach. It’s so much fun and you really can spend time in the Group. You get on a Zoom call, and you are an active participant on that call. And it's not passive at all. So, it's just a really beautiful experience.

And so, I've been part of this community since I became a certified coach in 2020. So, in this episode, I'm going to give you a little peek into the minds of a few coaches who are podcasting with passion and purpose. And so, what I did was, I posted, and this is what I was talking about before, to make this podcast episode dynamic in this way that really is meaningful to me. 

It's the essence of podcasting, being collaborative, you know, really turning this into like a community effort. I believe in the rising tide lifts all boats. A hundred percent. I've always believed in that since I started my business five, six years ago when I started as a coach. So, you know, this is a beautiful celebration of all of that. 

Before I dive into these questions that I placed in the group. If you're like anxious to know more, if you're a certified Life Coach School coach, and you're like, “wait a minute, I've never heard of this community,” you can do a few things.

You can find the group by searching for groups on Facebook. So, like I said, you need to be a certified life coach through The Life Coach School only. It's not for all coaches. That's what makes us really special, right? 

Because we all speak that same language. So, if you're certified through The Life Coach School, which is founded by Brooke Castillo, If you want an invite, you can also reach out to me in a private message.

You can DM me, I'll hook you up so you can find me on Facebook or Instagram, and my handle is @karagottwarner. Okay, easy. You can easily find me. Easy to find. There's no mystery there. Okay, so here's the question that I posted in The Coaching Posse, and I invite you to answer these questions for yourself, to make this really dynamic.

And by the way, I'm making it super simple for you because I have a downloadable PDF that accompanies this episode, so it's the transcript plus podcast study guide, so that you can take this a step further.

If you are listening to podcasts that are really meaningful, that really give you like, solid information, it is like getting a university education. So, this podcast is one of those podcasts. 

Sometimes I'd like to be a little woo and I kind of do the off-the-cuff episodes, but you'll see historically by looking through this feed, you'll get everything you need to not only start your podcast from scratch, but also if you are a podcaster who has been at this for a while, you know you've lost the kind of the sizzle and you need it back. Like I give you advice for every part of the journey for you as a podcaster.

Okay, so you can go to www.karagottwarner.com to get this downloadable PDF that accompanies this episode. So, it's the transcript plus a study guide. You can click on the podcast link on my website and then go to episode number 215 to get your copy. Print it out. Answer the questions that I'm about to share from this post that is also in The Coaching Posse.

So, you can also go there and join The Posse and check it out and leave a comment there. Okay, you got to do that. So, in this guide that I've created for you, I leave space. For you. It's a little bit different than most transcripts. It's very action oriented. 

I am a girl who loves gel pens. I love to write; I love to have the binders and the papers and things like that. Maybe that's not you and that's fine too, but I have left space in this PDF. If you want to print it out and you want to write, you want to journal. You want to doodle, okay, so go get it, www.karagottwarner.com click on podcast in the navigation, then click on episode 215.

Okay, so if you're listening to this when I'm recording on January 17th, 2023, it's going to be the top episode in that list. Okay? 

Alright, so let's dive into the questions that I asked to really get started with this conversation. Okay, so here goes, are you ready?

And then what I'm going to do is I think I have like 10 responses. I'm going to read them for you so you can see, get, maybe get a little bit of inspiration for yourself when you're writing. And maybe what you can do is after I read this pause, and I'll remind you again to pause. 

Okay, so here's the post that I placed in the Coaching Posse …

For those of you who have started podcasts over the past year, I'd love to start a conversation about how it has guided your heart to the place where you wear the proud badge of podcaster.

Okay, so here are some questions that I asked. So, I want you to really dig into these, you know, open that study guide that I have given you. 

What was the most surprising lesson or challenge that you learned? 

Is there anything you would do differently? 

 How would you define meaningful metrics in regard to the impact you've made so far with your podcast?

And how are you all in on the process, not the outcome? 

 Okay. So, there are your four questions. You can pause and answer those for yourself and then come on back.

Okay. So, I'm going to go ahead and read these answers because they're so good. They're so just juicy. 

So here we go. You ready? Alright, so the first answer to these questions came in from Natanya Brown, who is the host of Weight Loss for Dentists Podcast, and she's an endodontist and a weight loss coach for dentists. Okay, this is what she wrote …

“I am very stoked to be a podcaster. I think it helps me get clear on the messages I want to speak to my clients. It also keeps me constantly looking for ways to share with my people (in a way that's more fun for me than posting on social media because it's long form content). I actually don't look at my metrics. I take that back, I get emails from Buzzsrpout every so often on my metrics - and i guess I could say I'd love to have a bigger reach, but i sort of believe it will happen eventually. I'm not really concerned with looking at the data all that much (i probably should be). I see the entire thing as a long-game thing, and I’ve had so many people tell me that they were listening to a certain episode and then they tell me what resonated with them. I just love it so much. I don't think there is much I’d do differently. I still have to figure out the best settings on my software for better sound quality - but it’s not stopping me from having produced 44 episodes in the last 10 months. I'm freaking proud of that!!!” 

I don't think there is. I would do differently. I still have to figure out the best settings on my software for better sound quality, but it's not stopping me from having produced 44 episodes in the last 10 months. I'm freaking proud of that. Congratulations on 44 episodes. Nata. That is amazing. And you know what?

So, I say keep going down the path that you are on. You are on the right track, sister! Okay, so now I'm going to move on to Amanda Kingsley, host of Speaking Life into Abortion Podcast and Coach who helps people who've had abortions to build a beautiful life.

And by the way, Amanda is a past mastermind sister, I guess I could still call her that. You know, we were once in a mastermind together. So, I feel like when you're in a group coaching, or a mastermind together, you're sort of have a little bit of a special bond, so she is in, or was in the, the Bad Bitch Mastermind with Melanie Childers who has been on this podcast before.

So, a little plug there for you, Melanie. That was totally unexpected, but Amanda, is the host of Speaking Life into Abortion, and she is a coach who helps people who've had abortions to build a beautiful life. Such meaningful work that Amanda is doing in the world, just like all these coaches. So, this is what Amanda had to say …

Podcasting was a GAME CHANGER for me. I'm 175 episodes and 3 years in and it's the main source of client lead for my business.

 It's where:

-I found my voice

-have connected with SOOOOO many amazing guests

-learned lots of tech goodies

-built confidence as a thought leader

What was the most surprising lesson or challenge that you learned?

Consistency is not a problem when I am passionate about something

 Is there anything you would do differently?

nope! I love the way things have evolved.

 How would you define “meaningful metrics” in regards to the impact you’ve made so far?

Are people listening, sharing, getting value- when they message me to tell me they are it fuels me.

 How are you all-in on the process, not the outcome?

Podcasting makes me a better coach and human. It's a huge part of my continued growth.

 So, take to heart some of the wisdom that Amanda's sharing because maybe you want to adopt some of these, these ideas, or these thoughts for yourself.

When you're excited, the ideas will never stop. You'll have an endless resource of ideas. So, shifting your brain from, “oh, it's a marketing tool. Oh, you know, like nothing's really happening. It's kind of like crickets.” 

Consistency will never be a problem when you're passionate about this medium. I'm telling you that's the truth. 

Okay, so if you're not feeling that way, go back to the drawing board or spend some time with your journal or spend some time, just whatever with yourself to figure out what is it? Why am I not passionate about this? Because that's what you need to circle back to.

You know, am I taking enough chances? Am I speaking from my heart? You know, am I really taking bold moves with my message? Those are the things to think about.

Moving on to a Denita Bremer. She's the host of Trauma Coaching for Latter Day Saints, and she's an intuitive trauma coach. So Denita started her podcast two years ago, but this is what she says …

I started mine 2 years ago, but it has really been 3 different podcasts, so I suppose 2 of those iterations were within the last year. The biggest surprise is that the episodes that are really easy for me are the ones I find people love the most. Keeping it in the "easy" range is harder than I thought once I realized this.

I'm hiring help right now (my daughter) and I realize I should have done that far sooner.

My brain still wants to look at metrics like # downloads because that's so easy, but the most meaningful metrics are the conversations I have with my listeners. I even got to meet a listener and her husband when they came to my part of town-- it was really fun that a complete stranger would want to meet with me because they've gotten to know me through the podcast!!

I knew I would love podcasting, but it has been surprising how much I need to do it for ME and not for anyone else.

Hmm, that's interesting. Okay, so my question is back to you, Denita, if you're listening-- why is easy, hard? 

Is it because easy doesn't feel good enough or it feels like it's a fluke? 

So, I want you to check that thought. Anybody listening out there that has that same thought, check it out.

Because easy is just like, what is the breakthrough? You know, I always talk about living in breakthroughs. Asking yourself like what's happening in my life right now? If that's easy, go with it. That's what your people need. 

Your people need the same stuff that you need, right? You only have to be a couple steps ahead of where your people are to also give them the best impact with your words.

Okay? So, Danita also says, I'm hiring help right now, my daughter and I realize I should have done that far sooner. Absolutely. So, you can get behind the microphone, as I like to say, spread that fairy dust. Get behind the microphone and speak your words. Send it to the cloud and let others do the rest.

That's why I'm here as your podcast producer people! If you want to learn more about that, just go to www.karagottwarner.com/services  

Okay, so Denita further says, my brain still wants to look at metrics like the number of downloads, because that's so easy. But most, the most meaningful metrics are the conversations I have with my listeners. I even got to meet a listener and her husband when they came to my part of town, it was really fun that a complete stranger would want to meet me because they've gotten to know me through the podcast. 

Yes, that is one of those special gifts, and I tell you I don't even know how many times I've had a similar experience, like the things that you don't expect, the beautiful gifts, like always be ready to experience wonder and surprise with your podcast. That's a beautiful thing that podcasting can provide us. So, when we have this multicolor view of what it means to be a podcaster, that goes beyond getting more listeners, getting clients.

Take the wisdom from the podcasters who are speaking here. You know who have left these answers to my questions. This is really the sweet spot, what they're talking about, okay? 

And then Denita closes with, I knew I would love podcasting, but it has been surprising how much I need to do it for me and not for anyone else.

YASSSSS! That is like another, I'm going to say it again. I knew I would love podcasting, but it has been surprising how much I need to do it for me and not for anyone else. Yes. Yes. A thousand times, yes. 

Okay, this is going to be a long one. I think I might have to do a part two of this.

What do you guys think? It's already 24 minutes. and I feel like maybe I will. So, I think so I'm going to move, I was going to start with a few other ladies. So, let's see. I have 1, 2, 3, 4, I have five more. So, I think what I shared already might be a good little chunk for you guys. And then next week I'll feature a few more coaches with their insights.

Okay. So, what I want to do now is just say, hey, wasn't that amazing? Those chunks of inspiration and wisdom from podcasters who are absolutely crushing it, right? Because they have that passion, because they figured out what it means to be a podcaster that's filled with purpose and meaning so that they are as I love to say, a podcaster with a capital P.

Okay, so how about you go answer these questions for yourself. Again, you can get the episode guide by going to www.karagottwarner.com and click on podcast link, and then you'll see episode 215. And if you are an LCS coach, join The Coaching Posse on Facebook or hit me up in the DMs and I will invite you.

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Okay. So, we did it. I covered all the bases. You guys have an amazing rest of your week, and I'll see you next time. Take care.