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213 Three Things Successful Podcasters Do

January 05, 2023 Kara Gott Warner
Podcasting with Purpose for Life Coaches
213 Three Things Successful Podcasters Do
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Today I'm talking about something so important that very few podcast coaches and experts are talking about. Every podcaster will face this at some point, and usually it happens during the first few months after starting a podcast.  It's the 3 phases of a podcast, and what successful podcasters do so they don't give up.


What you'll learn in this episode: 

  • The 3 phases every podcast goes through
  • The mindset that successful podcasters adopt 
  • Why chasing downloads leads to giving up
  • How to call BS on your podfade brain 
  • Why most podcasters give up after the first few months

The successful podcaster, who is playing the long game ... who's like the craftswoman at work, has realized the immense impact their podcast is making for not only for their clients, but for themself too, and they are all-in on doing it for the process, not the outcome. 

Featured in this episode:

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Alright. Let's get started with today's episode.

You're listening to Podcasting with Purpose for Life Coaches. My name is Kara Gott Warner, the podcasting coach for coaches.

I believe that a podcast is a powerful medium for creating connection and community, and inside every conversation is the potential for transformation. So, let's get started on yours. Enjoy the episode.

Today I'm talking about something so important that very few podcast coaches and experts are actually talking about, and you know, I have to say, it's something you really need to know because it's a thing that every podcaster is going to face, and go through at some point in their podcasting journey, and it usually happens in the very first the first few months after starting a podcast.

That is when it's sort of like you either stop or you keep going. And it's about having some of these mindset tools in place so that you can keep going and not stop. 

Okay, so these are three phases of what a podcast goes through and I’m going to talk about three ways successful podcasters actually navigate these phases and the things that they avoid so they don’t stop.

1.  The Fun Phase

Now, this fun phase, it doesn't have to only be in the beginning. I'm just going to say that now. This is the beginning. The beginning of it always feels fun, but we want to keep that fun and there's a way to do that if you follow these success mindset principles that I'm going to talk about.

Okay, The Fun Phase: You're so stoked. This is the time to up-level the value you are already giving to your people. It's your clients with the power of the spoken word.

You see that a podcast has that potential and yeah, you're a little bit nervous or I should say, “nervouscited” as my client, Melissa Parsons described when she first started her podcasting journey. You know what, you're doing it, it’s a little scary, but you're diving in anyway. You're making this baby happen.

Also, you're not overthinking things though. You're taking out the drama, right? And you're going to have drama. I mean, let's face it, but you're really navigating through that. You're really kind of calling BS on those things that create drama and overwhelm because you know that you're here for the long game, for the bigger picture, for the impact that you're going to have on your listeners. 

So, you're going to dial in that and the patience to do what it takes to nurture your podcast. And you also see the value in working with a podcast expert. You know, a producer, someone who knows the ropes, who knows the steps, and who’s been there before you, because they're going to help you do things right.

And that's exactly what I did with my client, Melissa Parsons, host of Your Favorite You Podcast.

So, we launched her podcast. We started from square one, and it was just this step-by-step, you know? Yes, there were moments of being nervous and not knowing exactly what the next step was, but I helped her every step of the way to the successful podcast that she has right now. Melissa had these mindset principles in place. 

2.  The Commitment Phase

The honeymoon is over. You already have a few episodes out there, and you're like, “okay, like the honeymoon's over. We've already gone through the launch. We created that buzz. We're getting into a routine.” Maybe it feels a little monotonous at this point, but you're committed, right? You are being the committed person because you know the impact that you're creating, so you remember that that is your reason. That's why you keep going. 

You're keeping the fun. Remember the fun that I mentioned at the beginning? You're keeping the fun factor in, and you're finding the little nuanced ways that you make podcasting your own and you're not doing it the way that someone said you're supposed to do it, or you're supposed to sit down every week and batch out a month.

Now, you can if you want to, but you don't have to. Like I will tell you, I've been podcasting for 9+ years, and it's very rare that I batch any more than two weeks ahead of time. 

The only time I batch is if I'm going away on vacation. I enjoy being in the moment in the topic, stay in the energy of what I want to share with my people that week. I do create my podcast episodes a week ahead, or I will literally record the week I release it. So, you have to find what works for you. 

So, if you are working with a producer, you always want to be at least a week ahead, but if you can be two weeks ahead and have another episode in the in the tank, that's going to really set you up for freedom and it's going to help you to keep that fun phase, the fun factor going.

Trust me on this, because being organized and being a little bit ahead creates freedom so that you can find those little open white spaces to enjoy life, to not be like tethered to your microphone because that's dreadful. Okay? We don't want that. 

So, remembering this commitment phase, you're on a mission, yet you do see that it takes work and dedication, but you knew that already, and you know this isn't going to shake you, because your compelling reason is driving the bus. 

You made the decision ahead of time to be AIS (ass in seat). If you've ever seen the sitcom Everyone Loves Raymond, you'll know what AIS means. You should totally check it out. Google it to find that episode. It's hilarious. 

You already decided to invest in this experience called a podcast. You're not going anywhere. You're here for the process not the outcome. I'm going to repeat that again. 

You are here for the process not the outcome. 

What is the outcome like we're here for this experience, this journey, this body of work, this teaching tool, this way to, you know, to infuse our meaningful words into the minds and the hearts of the people who are listening to us. We want to make that impact. And as a life coach, that's huge for you.

So, this is what's going to keep you inspired and moving and doing the work, even when it becomes monotonous. Like you're like that skilled craftswoman at work, doing the work. 

3.  The Love Phase

When you have real love, it's unshakable. You're not going anywhere. This is a process, like in a loving relationship, the responsibility of the loving relationship.

So, here's an example of what the mindset could look like for the successful podcaster: you met your podfade brain for the first time. It's that brain that wants you to stop and it wants you to believe it's not working, but you're committed, remember?

You already figured that out in the last phase. You are committed. You are being the person who is committed, and you knew your brain would dish out all the BS that tells you to stop or to tweak it or to rebrand or whatever you're thinking because you think you need to have downloads.

Forget the downloads. This almost reminds me of when someone says they want to lose weight, when you want to focus on wellness, instead of weight loss, and you ditch the scale, because the scale makes you feel so small when you're focused on a number.

I'm just going to use this quick example. I just found recently came across fitness expert, Michelle Roots, and she has the body I envision for myself. It’s a body of health and wellness.

And she was talking at length about the scale and how she just doesn't even look at it anymore. And she said, “you know what, I'm 152 pounds and if I go to the doctor, they want to weigh me and they're going to tell me I'm overweight.”

Now, let me tell you something, if you look up Michelle Roots, you're going to be like, what?!

She's not like a 5’10”, like she's an average-height woman. 5’4” and 152 pounds. Like hello? When I first saw her, I thought she's petite, she's small, she's little, but she's, she's so in shape. She's the picture of health. 

Usually, we think a woman who's 5’4” who weighs 152 pounds is overweight. Podcast downloads are the same way. They don't tell you the whole story. You may think that downloads equal success. Just like reaching 138 pounds on the scale means you’re a success. That doesn't, tell the whole story. 

So, I want you to realize and to see how one-sided that is, and how limiting that is for all of the other gifts that you get to see on your podcasting experience, because remember, you're here for life, for better, for worse, right? 

I love this analogy because it's like when I say “I’m here for life, for better, for worse,” whatever that means for the life of your podcast, right? Because what it means is you're not going to jump ship because your limiting thoughts tell you it's not working. Or, like you're trying all the things in the diet, but the scale keeps going up and you say, “forget this, I'm going to go have a piece of cake.” You know what I'm saying? I love how I just came up with this weight loss analogy. This is really a perfect example. 

So, you're in the love phase. You have the mindset tools in place to diffuse the scarcity and the perfectionistic thinking pretty quickly because you remember why you are here. You are like the craftswoman at work. Remember that? You're diligently working. You’re chiseling away at the stones because that's on one of the Tarot cards. The eight of Pentacles or the nine of Pentacles, I can't remember. 

But you're perfecting your craft. You're doing the work. Sometimes it may not be sexy, but it's deep, rich, and meaningful, and that is the payoff for you. And you also see the immense impact your podcast is making, not only for your clients, but for you, for yourself, and you're all- in on doing it for the process, not the outcome.

Okay, so those are the three, right? The three phases and what the successful podcasters do in each of those phases. The fun phase is the first one, the commitment phase is number two, and then you have the love phase if you make it, but most people only get to the fun phase.

They barely make it to the commitment phase, and if they stop, they're not making it to the love phase. So, the successful podcaster is going through all of these phases.

So, here's what typically happens to most podcasts: They fall off around phase two, which is usually the first 10(ish) episodes. Maybe they make it to 20, but they rarely make it to step three, like I said to phase three because it's, you know, it's just so sad because you never really gave your podcast a chance to begin with, and when you are ready, when you finally get to phase three, it's like just when things are ready to cook, and they podfade because they wanted quicker results. They were not focusing on the process, they were focusing on the outcome.

They kept looking at the number on the scale, and so they jumped ship and they decided to have the piece of cake. 

They created a podcast only because they wanted it to get something … get clients, get downloads. That's flimsy. That's one-sided. That's never going to work if that's your number one reason.

They became attached to thinking downloads equal success, forgetting that metrics do not equal the human connection that your listeners get through your powerful words each and every week. That is the metric that matters, and they never decided ahead of time that they would play that long game and do it for fun, no matter how long it took.

They're doing it for life. Whatever the life of the podcast means. Not because they jumped ship because of the scarcity thoughts. So, after nine plus years of podcasting, let me tell you, I have gained some killer wisdom in these areas, and this is it. So, take these tips to heart and you will be a success.

You will be like Melissa Parsons. You will be like my other clients who are like now over in the two hundreds. Like, they're without fail dialed. They see that bigger vision. They forget about the metrics and the downloads. These successful clients see the bigger picture. 

I'm just going to repeat it again because it's that important. 

Do it for the process not the outcome at all costs. 

I want to help be your guide to avoid these pitfalls that I just mentioned so you can show up in each of these three phases like a successful podcaster that I know you are, and you know you are too. 

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Alright, I'll see you next time.