Podcasting with Purpose for Life Coaches

209 How to REALLY be a Podcaster with PURPOSE — and it’s RIDICULOUSLY ez AF

June 28, 2022 Kara Gott Warner
Podcasting with Purpose for Life Coaches
209 How to REALLY be a Podcaster with PURPOSE — and it’s RIDICULOUSLY ez AF
Show Notes

Something emanated overnight which is now the material manifestation of today’s podcast episode.  I literally had to run from the bed to the mic to capture what you’re about to hear … and it all just flowed from the divine. 

It’s about a new workshop - and seriously it's the BEST shit that's come out of me to date. It's what you need, what you want, and it's the reason you are a podcaster, and it's how you create something divine in this world that someone can consume, and walk away from as a different person. 

This is not a huge giant thing I'm talking about. It's attainable and ez AF, and I want this for you if you’re on the sidelines right now.

Let's create a podcast that the world needs and is waiting for. If you’re sick and tired of hanging out in the shadows, this is your TIME because THIS is what you signed up for: 

  • You are a coach
  • You are someone who is a guide, a steward, a benefactor

I signed up for this over 8 years ago, and I had no idea it would take me to this place today — teaching you about how to podcast with purpose. 

To feed your baby birds. To turn words into wealth. 

The kind of wealth I'm talking about is the kind that always has starts inside, and then and only then can it become it's equivalent of material wealth in the outer world.

YOU get to feel that and be in the abundance starting right now. 

It's just about sliding the door. Making a 1% tweak in your thinking. There’s no waiting, or wishing. 

As I record this, tomorrow I'm hosting a free Podcast in ONE Day live workshop

I'm commited to getting as many coaches behnid the mic as possible — now more than ever. 

Women's voices need to be heard. We need to rise together. 

We need to be those lighthouses, those beacons. 

There's a reason I'm a Projector according to Human Design. Makes sense to me that podcasting is my jam. I can't keep my mouth shut, and if for whatever reason if I do keep my mouth shut when I need to be heard - is squashes my spirit. 

I'm here to be that lighthouse so you can shine your light too. 

This class is going to open up with us hanging out Brady Bunch-style in a Zoom room. I want you to turn on your video, say hi, share a burning question. Be present and ready to make this transformational journey, because it's going to happen fast. 

It's going to be something you have to get of your own way for, because it's an easy process that you''ll start implemnting as soon as we are done.

It’s not about watching the class, doing a little research, and planning for later, NOPE. You are ready to do the work.

It will be me showing you how to use the simplest of tools that you presently have which is how I started - a phone and your mouth. 

I'm going to show you how I used just these 2 things to create an amazing experience for my listeners, and within a month a best-selling author reached out to ask to be a guest on my show — show's you don't need bells or whistles, or intros or outros.

So it's these 2 things + the teeny, tiniest production studio you

I take ONE new podcast launch client per month because this how I keep the highest quality in my work, the white gloves treatment for YOU.

Invest in the podcast you want to give to the world.

So here’s what you need to do if you want to lock in your spot with me:

Visit karagottwarner.com/services and click on the Ready, Set, Launch program and I will immediately be in touch to set up your onboarding session. If you have questions about the program, feel free to email me at kara@karagottwarner.com