Podcasting with Purpose for Life Coaches

208 The BEST Way to Chill Out and GROW

June 22, 2022 Kara Gott Warner
Podcasting with Purpose for Life Coaches
208 The BEST Way to Chill Out and GROW
Show Notes

Lot's of people want the HOW TO podcast stuff, and that's super-simple, because I can teach you that in 20 minutes. The collection of things- the mic, the software, the show notes pages. What actually matters is your compelling reason for wanting to do it. That's when it gets to be fun ... when you relax. Take a chill pill. That's when you see things grow.

The podcast is a vehicle where ideas can be shared in an intimate way and communicate in a way that build trust, share your gift of gab and influence those you want to reach, who need your message.

So the podcast is just that. The vehicle.

When you water the garden, your plants grow, but those plants take time. Your podcast is the same. Rushing doesn't EVER work, and never produces what you truly desire. Pushing and wanting and wishing only creates more agony, and stifles growth.

It's like you sending out a vibe to the universe that says ... "I'm tight, I'm closed, so ... no thanks, I don't want abundance over here. Just keep giving me the measly scraps."

Why I do this podcasting thing ... to inspire you to BE your purpose, build legacy, keep going when it feels chore-like, AND say bye-bye to your podfade brain that wants to stop.

When you embrace the true chillax, something MAGICAL happens ... you make it fun, you let go of expectation, you just focus on the art and alchemy of the spoken word. 

  • Would you podcast no matter what? 
  • Would you do it if it had nothing to do with your business, or a desire to build a platform to attract listeners and clients? 
  • Would you do it for the love of giving, sharing, impacting? 

If you answered YES, you're on the right track. That's the secret sauce to keeping it going.

That's what I help my clients develop and cultivate. That's the stuff I believe is the essence of podcasting. It's not getting the checklist. It's not the collection of equipment or tech. It's a higher-level consciousness thing.

That's how to chill out and grow. Then your peeps flock to you like cray.

I know you want to focus on feeding your baby birds, sharing the juicy messages, creating the legacy, excitement, and creating a real asset in your business ... a content foundation that you own. That's exactly what a podcast provides, unlike social media. Put out a post ... it hangs out in the feed for a bit, but a podcast lives on, and you own it.

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