Podcasting with Purpose for Life Coaches

205 How to REALLY Connect with Your Humans

May 31, 2022 Kara Gott Warner
Podcasting with Purpose for Life Coaches
205 How to REALLY Connect with Your Humans
Show Notes

What is the goal for living this precious human life?

In my opinion, it distills down to 3 things:

Connection, giving and service.

This is the most important conversation because life is like a flash of lightning even if we live over 100 years. Human life is quick.

Why did you decide to become a coach, start an online business, and consider the idea of starting a podcast?

When your desire to connect and create RELATIONSHIPS is GREATER than your fear of looking silly, clunky or messy ... then you found the secret sauce to podcasting. 

When you connect from a place that makes you come alive, it makes everything else electric. 

The lines between life and business become blurred, and that's the gift that this powerful medium of connection can create for you.

Are you ready to create some electricity?

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