Podcasting with Purpose for Life Coaches

202 Define Your Easy Button

May 11, 2022 Kara Gott Warner
Podcasting with Purpose for Life Coaches
202 Define Your Easy Button
Show Notes

 What's EASY IS working hard on your dream AND resting so you can allow space for the universe to bring in the abundance that's waiting.

It’s a YES/AND situation. Yes, I can do what's easy AND I can work as hard AF on your dream too. 

WHERE is it written that business ... that if you do A you get B? What if you do A your way ... then B finds it's way to you in the way that fits your own unique life, and NOT in the way you expect?

Where can you find the middle path? Meaning, how can you take in advice with a grain of salt, then OWN your wisdom. How can you cultivate not knowing and be TOTALLY OK with it? 

AND ... be ecstatic about the truth that you have a live-in advisor that is so freaking wise — YOU.

No one can know what's right for you but you and until you embrace this truth you will constantly seek external validation which never gives you the results you actually want.


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