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200 It’s Not all In Your Head: Why You Might be Lacking Motivation

April 20, 2022 Kara Gott Warner
Podcasting with Purpose for Life Coaches
200 It’s Not all In Your Head: Why You Might be Lacking Motivation
Show Notes

I hated the word "mid-life woman" I would secretly think I'm not like them ... I've never had problems hot flashes, weight gain ... I mean geez ... I beat obesity when I was a teenager. My lifestyle is simply impeccable, but … I had a wake up call that I want to share with you in this episode. 

Since B.C. (Before COVID) I’ve been in denial ... of my exhaustion, racing mind in the middle of the night ... sleep deprivation ... lack of constant physical energy that has been present over the past few years. 

I blamed it on building my business. “This is normal,” I would tell myself.  “I’m doing something uncommon … it’s what I signed up for, right?” 

I knew something was off. It started with brain fog ... feeling isolated, tiredness, exhaustion. I was blaming it on hustle, busy syndrome, and telling myself it’s all in my head ... and I just had to work more on my beliefs. “Stay positive … you got this!” was my mantra. 

It’s like … wondering why the sink is overflowing, but I didn’t realize I needed to turn off the faucet! 

Thoughts are not the only part of the puzzle of our complex humanity.

When starting a podcast, or going after a big goal, we think it's all about our thoughts, and we just have to believe an intentional one to succeed, but that’s short-sighted.

When our physiology is off our brain is off.
-Dr. Mindy Pelz 

And if you are pre-menopausal or post-meno woman like me, this is like the elephant in the room. You may not even see that your brain has been hijacked by your hormones.


As you’ll hear in this episode, I’m on a mission to call every woman that feels that something is “off,” to STOP the shame game.

Thoughts are only part of the equation.


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