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195 Fearless Podcasting: Lessons from Oprah, a Buddhist Scholar and a Karmarang

March 16, 2022 Kara Gott Warner
Podcasting with Purpose for Life Coaches
195 Fearless Podcasting: Lessons from Oprah, a Buddhist Scholar and a Karmarang
Show Notes

Oprah once said “I will no longer be on TV but I will use it as a force for good and not be used by TV. When Oprah made this shift, it changed everything. How can you take this wisdom and apply it to your podcast? In this episode, learn 3 ways how.

One day, not too long ago, I had a big ugly cry, and looking back now, I can't even remember why I was upset. 

It's so interesting to see how emotions can carry us away, and then dissipate and fly away once they wash through us.  The gift that came out of this big ugly cry were rough notes, which are the basis of this episode. 

The question Oprah asks herself when disappointment or confusion strikes is: “what is this here to teach me?" 

Asking this question can be so revealing, because we often discover it's not the "stuff" ... not the static circumstance outside. It's way more subtle actually.  

Most of our problems circle back to trying to show us how to practice more patience, more love, more giving, more compassion. 

Solving inner obstacles always solves outer obstacles.

Here are 3 things Oprah says “will carry us if we let them”

1. Knowing who you really are 

2. You must find a way to serve 

3. Always do the right thing - be excellent so you become UNFORGETTABLE

Be the change you want to see. Do what makes you come alive and meander down the path that pulls you to what you really love.


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