Podcasting with Purpose for Life Coaches

192 Big Hairy Scary Goals to Create the BEST Results with Your Podcast

February 23, 2022 Kara Gott Warner
Podcasting with Purpose for Life Coaches
192 Big Hairy Scary Goals to Create the BEST Results with Your Podcast
Show Notes

It’s so easy to fall into the place of comfort and complacency with the way we show up in our business and podcast. Sometimes we can’t even see that because the desire to do what’s easy is always running in the background.

To zap out of this funk, here’s a great question to ask: “what's my barfy-excited-scares-the-bejesus-out-of-me goal this week?”   

Little word of caution ... this does not mean go into the spin cycle by filling a sheet with 50 things to keep you busy.

I've done this myself - sitting all day behind a computer thinking working harder will give me what I want.

This is so FAR from the truth.

If all you do is sit behind a computer mapping out a strategy, that’s not scary. That's just creating more work on your to do list and stress. 

Here are some examples of what I've done over the years that got me out of my comfort zone:

  • Asking to be a guest on very big, very popular and very visible podcasts
  • Request to be a keynote speaker in my niche
  • Pitching to do an in-person how to podcast course at a trade event. 
  • Asking celebs to be guests on my podcast (Yes, Deborah Norville of Inside Edition was on my show!)

All you need to do is ASK. Then kiss it good bye and let the universe do the rest.
You already know it's crazy, and you're like: “haha if pigs could fly, maybe Oprah will write me back.”

But get ready ... because you might get that email, or DM and be asked to talk on someone's stage like it happened for me.

The more you take yourself to your edge, the more fulfillment and accomplishment you’ll experience.

Landing that podcast guest or keynote speaker gig isn’t actually the goal. The goal is the growth … the stretch out of your nest of safety.

Now get out from behind the bushes. You have work to do mama bird. 

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