Podcasting with Purpose for Life Coaches

191 Less Stuff MORE Impact - How to Use ONE Episode 8 Ways

February 09, 2022 Kara Gott Warner
Podcasting with Purpose for Life Coaches
191 Less Stuff MORE Impact - How to Use ONE Episode 8 Ways
Show Notes

Think of your podcast like the center of a wheel, and everything else you create as the spokes of that wheel. In this episode, you'll learn how to take one topic and turn that into 8 pieces of content. 

This is a peek inside my own process, and I'm sharing it with you so you can focus on your LOVE of creating through the spoken word!

Then ... the rest is all icing! So seriously, if you have a VA or someone who helps you, this is the perfect process. Or, if you are a one-woman show, this is easy peazy for you to do as well! Then, you can show up and have fun and allow spontaneity unfold! 

Episode highlights:

  • I share the flow of how I start the process, with the episode topic
  • How this blossoms into everything else
  • The secret to easy content creation - in a word: REPURPOSING
  • The 8 different ways to share out your episode content
  • How preparing in this way allows for FUN and spontaneity! 
  • Learn exactly how I map out my week using this process

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