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Podcasting with Purpose for Life Coaches

Kara Gott Warner

Looking for an easy and intuitive approach to start, launch and scale a podcast, created especially with life coaches in mind? Kara Gott Warner, host and former craft publishing world influencer and magazine editor, turned life coach with a business mindset "edginess," shows you how to stop wasting time going down rabbit holes in search of the perfect process. Based on Kara's 8+ years of experience as a podcaster, teacher and podcast thought leader, she knows it's NOT about the equipment, the tools, tactics or editing. It's about creating your voice, and unfurling your beautiful peacock feathers while staying true to your unique vision. Through Kara's words of podcasting wisdom, you'll be inspired to speak your message with passion and purpose to conjure up your own special alchemy through the art of the spoken word.
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